When you're ripe, you'll bleed out of control

I haven’t felt the urge or the drive to keep doing photography and art in general. Im not sure if this is pure laziness or if my depression is evolving into something else. Im too scared to make anything. i’m too scared to post anything.

i don’t think anything i make will be good. My work lately hasn’t gained much traction as my old work and i see all of my friends post good work and i just ask myself if i could ever produce anything even slightly good as them. i’m too scared to post that i’m available to shoot bc i know no one will message me to shoot. (thats partially because of many different reasons.)

I just think im giving up. but i don’t want to. i want to keep going but its like, whats something original i can come up with? just the idea of doing a shoot scares me because i don’t want to create something ill hate, or that the model wont post. At this point in my life i truly don’t know what i want. and its bothering the hell out of me. Its frustrating and i want to just live blissfully and create art.