learning to love and love myself.

I've been making a lot of friends lately and i have to thank photography for it. i wouldn't get to know so many people if it wasn't for my art. im changing my art direction and im noticing my work has an effect on me. im starting to embrace my body, my flaws and really come to terms with how i have been treating myself. its crazy i spent a good 2 years (and continuing. lets not act like im 100% confident in my body) insecure but now its shifted. im starting to free myself from the shackles of constricting clothing and ideals. i took selfies on my mac with my hair wild and careless and every now and then i'll back on them. i think i have body dysmorphia but i never bothered to actually acknowledge it. some of the recent shoots ive had, had honestly really changed me. a shoot with my friend Albie made me appreciate my body hair. it was never a big deal to me but seeing someone unapologetic about their hair lit a fire in my heart. My shoot with Gelli made me appreciate being a fat non-binary human and that my fatness shouldn't determine if I can take up space. 

i also got a tattoo! im really on a journey to find myself and I think im settling into myself. i was so focused on being someone else that i couldn't even appreciate myself. 

im glad i gave myself a chance