whats new with you?

thank you for asking! Its been 4 months since my last blog post. I was admittedly extremely depressed and discouraged. I quit my job in August, I Got my ged and i took a lil break with my photography. If i was going to do a photoshoot it’ll be if someone came to me about photos then i would shoot. i have the tendency to over work myself but its been nice! actually having time to focus on a project and having time editing them without the stress of worrying about other photos.

From august to maybe last week, i’ve been feeling really weird. Just depressed but very very unmotivated to do anything. but now i’m getting back into normal things and seeing whats good for me and what isn’t. i’ve learned that i need to stop doing things on a whim and take time to put thought into my work. although not everything needs some deep revolutionary meaning, its enjoyable to put a lot of effort into work thats just aesthetically pleasing.

My friend reccomenned that i write down my goals. i’ve had a lot of success with writing down my goals and its about time i get out of my rut and make my unemployed time very useful.

Im in the process of creating a magazine but i have a lot of work to do. I want to create more small zines through out time too. thats a new found thing i enjoy doing next to photography.

I always think about working with brands or more magazines but i’m realizing that its nothing that interests me anymore. Maybe at some point but i really want to work with more people in Minneapolis. Im hoping that my magazine can help me achieve that. I really want my magazine to be different. i know everyone says that but it to be more than just a “submit your art” magazine.

I want to host an art show, film a short film and host a photoshoot party. I feel like that would be so much fun and something new for me to do. Im so excited lol i have so many ideas.

I also wanna legally change my last name but idk if thats ever gonna happen