Month in Review: January ❄️

January is nearly over and i have a lot to say. the month started out fine, i wasnt depressed and i did a couple of shoots for the first time at my house. it made me realize i dont like people in my home and i think its the hermit in me that feels weird about it. other than that it was fun being in a space that felt personal. i used props n stuff that i bought and im super happy with how some of the photos came out. i hit a hard place around the 20th i think. i had a hard time editing photos i didnt vibe with when i took them. but i ended up actually learning new editing techniques. 

I also got paid for the first time this month for photos. a local queercore band wanted photos and i really enjoyed taking their photos. it really sent me back and reminded me that i fucking love punk. their style, their leather jackets, their haircuts really made me happy. I also had to complete my assignment for the magazine and i did the photoshoot and idk theres some gems but i dont think the photos came out looking the way i wanted it to. ive been having a really hard time edting them and i havent got to turn it in. to add insult to injury, i have to turn it in late. 4 days late. -_- and on top of that