New Years Goals + Dreams

Its cliche but I've decided to actually put some goals down for the new years. I'm almost 20 years old and I still think and act like I'm 16. I also haven't gotten my high school education and I don't feel bad about it but I'm going to need to if I want to go to college. There's an adult school not to far from me and i'll defiantly be able to get my education in 2018. so, heres my dreams (ranging from 2018 to 2022)

  1. Attend parsons new school in NYC
  2. move and live in new york (preferably Brooklyn)
  3. OR move to Chicago
  4. Go to MCTC to get my generals
  5. Get a new mac lol

Kinda a boring list but I've been dreaming of going to college AND living in new york since I was younger. I'm not sure what it is but I never liked Minneapolis. I think the dense population in new york draws me in. I'm 100% NOT  a people person so my dream to live in new york is so odd to me

my goals also aren't really just things I came with on the fly. these are things I need to do and I can do in 2018.

  1. Get my GED
  2. Buy a new mac
  3. start working full time (preferably get a new job)
  4. Start taking care of myself more often
  5. stop equating my worth on how many likes i get

Short and simple. little things that may not even a big deal to others but it's about time I get my act together.