4am Thoughts.

as the title says, its 4 am and I've been thinking a lot about my life, my photography and my growing insecurities. when you're in a depressive rut you dont take care of yourself. i havent washed my face in month until yesterday and who knew it would change everything around?

now on to photogrpahy, i think i set myself up for failure. i depend too much on people and i think im too good for not shooting in a 'controled space' defianly there are its perks to it but when theres a project that shouldnt require so much, i need to keep everything minimal and not overwhelm myself with small shit. along with that I've become more irritable with small things.

i have so many ideas and i can get most of my things at the dollar store, amazon, or borrow from friends. i used to feel so awkward asking participating models or people if they have this certain thing. also with space, theres always someone who's down to let me shoot at their space but if i cant find a space i’ll be able to manage.