New Seasons

Now that Winter here in Minneapolis has come in full force, I'm tempted to turn the spare room i have into a studio space. I personally dont mind shooting outdoors and taking the bus to the location as long as I can retreat inside for a few minutes. The thing with winter time and the numbing cold, is that i dont have the patience or the energy to loosly make plans or waiting. Thats why the idea of having a home studio is so amazing and its about time that i change up my style and try new methods.

Having a studio will help me achieve very specific styles that can only be carried out in a studio or a 'controlled space' as i like it call it. I want to shoot with 35mm film more rather than digital. For me, personally, my work has no substance. No meaning attached, no story and my style is all over the place. I have discovered a couple of new photographegrs in my city and i notice that im getting insecure about my work too. I try to tell myself that if i keep comparing myself to other people, im never going to be happy. I just tell myself that i have time to grow and in the mean time, i should have fun and expriment & that the most talented artists had to start somewhere.