Learning New Things...

Every single shoot that I do I'm learning all type of new things. I've been doing photography since I was like 14 and for me, it was always simple just point and shoot. I never put much thought into the technicalities of taking a photo, until I got my DSLR and my first film SLR camera. I'm in a lot of photography groups and seeing people post about their photos being in raw and how great it was to edit raw photos, I decided to try it out myself. around 4 am the same day I grabbed my camera and enabled it to shoot in raw instead of JPEG. I took a photo with a blue light bulb and a small lamp and played with the light. this is the outcome:


Although the photo is simple, I really did enjoy editing it and seeing what I could do with it. I found out that lightroom cant read raw photos, so I had to edit it in photoshop. Here are the photos from the shoot in Uptown

Words truly can't describe how happy I was when I finished editing them. It was almost a whole month since I did a shoot with someone and I was afraid the photos wouldn't come out good enough to edit. I know the editing doesn't look like much but I know I won't be using Lightroom anytime soon!